Grains, Seeds and Hay Industry Funding Scheme

Page last updated: Monday, 31 May 2021 - 9:15am

Industry Management Committee (IMC)

The Grains, Seeds and Hay IFS is overseen by a seven-member committee:

  • Mr Rohan Day - Chair (Burracoppin)
  • Mr Rod Birch (Coorow)
  • Ms Belinda Eastough (Nolba)
  • Mrs Judith Foss (Bruce Rock)
  • Mr David Leake (Doodlakine)
  • Mr Steve Tilbrook (Waikiki)
  • Mrs Anne Wilkins (Badgingarra)

See also the Grains, Seeds and Hay IMC strategic plan.

For information on the selection criteria for committee members please refer to the terms of reference.