Grains, Seeds and Hay IFS Management Committee - strategic plan

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This page contains the strategic plan for the Grains, Seeds and Hay Industry Funding Scheme Management Committee. This strategic plan was endorsed by the Committee in February 2020.

Purpose of the committee (vision)

The purpose of the committee (vision) is to support a profitable, viable and sustainable grain/seed/hay industry by maintaining a funding process for the effective mitigation of biosecurity risks to Western Australian growers.

Role of the committee (mission)

The Committee's role is to:

  • Oversee and provide direction to the Industry Funding Scheme (IFS) and industry contributions
  • Ensure the IFS is addressing the WA grain/seed/hay industry's biosecurity priorities in an effective, efficient and appropriate manner
  • Work in partnership with the industry, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPRID) and other key stakeholders.

Goals and strategies of the committee

Goal 1: The WA grain/seed/hay industry support the IFS, with at least 99% of growers participating in the Scheme

  • Strategy 1.1: Undertake effective and regular industry communications to improve industry awareness and understanding of the IFS
  • Strategy 1.2: Consult with the industry on the operation and effectiveness of the IFS, including the appropriateness of the pests/diseases being addressed through the IFS.

Goal 2: IFS-funded programs that achieve the documented measures of success to deliver acceptable and effective programs that meet the needs of industry

  • Strategy 2.1: Undertake industry consultation on the delivery of IFS-funded programs
  • Strategy 2.2: Monitor, review and evaluate the IFS-funded programs.

Goal 3: Transparent and accountable oversight of the IFS

  • Strategy 3.1: Monitor, review, evaluate and report on the operation and effectiveness of the IFS, Committee and Programs.
  • Strategy 3.2: Maintain, and adhere to, good governance procedures and processes including reviewing Management Committee processes.​

Criteria for making decisions to invest

These criteria must be met before a decision is made to invest:

  • There will be broad industry benefit
  • There is an achievable outcome
  • Industry are supportive
  • Sound independent advice is available to assist Committee decision-making
  • Contributes to a balanced investment portfolio that includes research and innovation.