Consultation for proposed Declared Pest Rates 2019-20

Page last updated: Thursday, 23 May 2019 - 11:20am

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development invites submissions on proposed Declared Pest Rates to be determined under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 (BAM Act - Section 130). Rates are collected and matched by State Government and transferred to Recognised Biosecurity Groups for declared pest control in their area of operation.

Recognised Biosecurity Groups (RBGs) are community based groups formally recognised under the BAM Act. Formal recognition enables a Declared Pest Rate be determined within their area.

There are currently 14 RBGs in Western Australia with their combined areas covering most of the State. 13 of these have recommended a Declared Pest Rate be raised for their respective areas for 2019-20.

You can use the interactive map to find out which RBG operates in your area. Further information on each group is also available.

What will the Declared Pest Rate fund?

RBGs use funds collected from rates to deliver activities that assist landholders to manage declared pests on their properties, and to ensure their efforts are coordinated to achieve maximum benefit for the community. It is a requirement under the BAM Act (Section 30) for landholders to manage declared pests on their own land. 

Activities can include developing coordinated awareness and control activities, providing training, provision of baits and traps, equipment hire, or contracting of Licensed Pest Management Technicians.

The proposed rate to be paid by landholders is based on the priority pests, activities and budget outlined in each group’s annual operational plan. This means that each group recommends different rates be determined in their respective area.

Operational plans have been developed with feedback from the community, to best reflect community need. To have further input, landholders are encouraged to contact their RBG direct, or look out for engagement opportunities such as pest workshops, information sessions or surveys. Landholders are encouraged to approach their RBG to obtain information on planned activities.

The opportunity to provide comment on the proposed rates will be open until 4pm, Wednesday 19 June 2019. Submissions can be sent to: