DDLS - Plant pathology services

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DDLS - Plant pathology is a service area under the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's Diagnostic Laboratory Services (DDLS). The DDLS provides both plant and animal laboratory and inspection services.

DDLS - Plant pathology was formerly part of AGWEST Plant Laboratories. This area has a proud history of servicing Australian agricultural and horticultural industries. We deliver high quality and timely services, predominantly in Western Australia, but also to clients Australia-wide.

DDLS - Plant pathology services help to facilitate domestic and international trade and assists in protecting the biosecurity of Western Australia.

We provide critical disease diagnostics services for horticulture (ornamentals, nursery plants, amenity horticulture, turf, soil, fruits and vegetables), broadacre crops (cereals, canola and pulses) and pastures.

Our clients include farmers, horticulturists, commercial seed producers, importers, exporters, marketers, mining companies, government agencies, agricultural and horticultural professionals and home gardeners.

DDLS - Plant pathology's experienced diagnostic team assists our clients with on-farm decision-making to improve the productivity, quality and marketability of crops through correct disease diagnosis.

We provide:

  • routine plant disease diagnosis in plants, potting mix, soil and water
  • nematode analysis of roots and soils for horticulture and broadacre crops
  • plant virus identification
  • specific disease testing for seed crops to meet export requirements
  • plant pathogen testing to fulfil nursery accreditation and export requirements.

After diagnosis, we can direct you to specialists to:

  • implement best practice pest and disease control
  • reduce your use of incorrect or unnecessary chemicals.

More information

For more information about plant disease and virus testing, sample submission forms and sampling techniques, contact:

DDLS Specimen Reception
+61 (0)8 9368 3351