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PestFacts WA Reporter app

Use the new PestFacts WA Reporter app to make quick reports, or request identifications, of insects and plant diseases from broadacre crop and pasture paddocks anywhere in the WA grainbelt.

You can now report, and request identifications, of broadacre crop and pasture insects and plant diseases, directly from the paddock using the new PestFacts WA Reporter app on your smart phone or tablet. 

This new app replaces the previous PestFax Reporter app.

Reporting only takes a few seconds as all common crop types and disorders can be selected from lists within the app.

If you do not know the identity of the insect or plant disease, you can attach up to three photos of the disorder, add extra information in the comments section and request a call back or identification email from a DPIRD expert. 

It is no problem if you are out of mobile range, the app will send your report as soon as it gets a connection. 

Watch our explainer video for tips on using this app. 

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PestFacts WA Reporter app

The PestFacts WA Reporter app allows users to quickly report, or request identifications, of broadacre insects and plant diseases to the PestFacts WA team.

The PestFacts WA service, which includes the PestFacts WA newsletter and map, relies on your input and observations to alert the WA grains industry of what pests and plant diseases are a threat to WA broadacre crop and pastures.

To make a report the required selections are; occurrence date, location, host plant and disorder. Choose the host and disorder from the relevant lists. To save time scrolling filter lists by category, this option is down the bottom of the screen.  If you don't know what the insect or plant disease that you are reporting is select "ID uncertain" from the Disorder list and attach up to three photos and include extra information in the Comments box (ie chewing symptoms, where the problem is in paddock, paddock history) to help our DPIRD experts make an identification. If you like you can add other information from lists of crop variety, crop growth stage and severity of the problem. Click “View & submit report” then check your inputs and select whether you need a DPIRD expert to contact you via email or phone to discuss your report and/or make an identification. You can remain anonymous if you wish and do not want your name mentioned in the PestFacts WA e-newsletter. You can send reports even if you don’t have a mobile connection.  PestFacts WA Reporter app will save your report and send it for you as soon as you get in mobile range.

This is a new app and we are interested in your feedback! If you wish to provide feedback click on the "App feedback" button on the top left hand side of the screen and this will take you to a Survey Monkey questionnaire. 


  • Quick and easy reports, and identification requests, to the PestFacts WA team
  • Easy registration process. Just enter a name, email and phone number
  • Attach up to three photos when confirming or requesting identification of an insect or plant disease in a crop or pasture
  • If you don't know what an insect or plant disease is request that a relevant DPIRD expert phone or email you with an diagnosis
  • Reports can be made even when you don't have mobile coverage
  • If finding the same pest or plant disease in multiple locations re-use historical reports and save time making reports
  • Your reports will help the PestFacts WA team alert the WA grains industry of what insect pests and plant diseases are a threat
  • Use your phone device location or describe the disorder location using the location comment box
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