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Use smartphone and tablet devices to identify, survey and report weeds and view results online.

MyWeedWatcher enables users to identify weeds, conduct surveys on weeds of interest and report on the presence of declared weeds.

The identification guide allows users to quickly search for a weed according to plant characteristics such as flower colour, leaf shape, and plant type.

The survey/reporting feature enables users to map weeds, add images and record survey data such as weed density, weed counts, confidence of identification, and notes on control activities done.


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MyWeedWatcher is part of a suite of pest surveillance applications, developed by DAFWA. They have been developed to support industry and the community defend Western Australia’s agriculture industries and the natural environment from unusual or suspected exotic pests and diseases.

The information gathered through MyWeedWatcher will be used to help Community Groups, Local Biosecurity Groups, and DAFWA make more informed management decisions on weeds of interest in the State. In addition, users help to maintain Australia’s pest-free status, support farm biosecurity and become participants in a new monitoring and surveillance community.

Weed surveys and reports can be made within the MyWeedWatcher application or on-line. Reports made and weed maps can be viewed on an online map.

The MyWeedWatcher app is part of the Boosting Biosecurity Defences project, made possible by Royalties for Regions.


  • Over 200 organisms, includes images and descriptions.
  • Personalise with favourite weed.
  • View mapped reports online.
  • Learn more about weeds of concern to Western Australia.
  • Quickly identify weeds using characteristics such as flower colour, leaf shape, or plant type.
  • Focuses on weeds declared in the state and of interest to the community and local biosecurity groups.
  • Simple photo reporting tool with GPS location capability and map to pinpoint weed location and area infested.
  • Easy to use weed identification guide.
  • Records survey data and notes on control activities to be added.
  • Can run outside of mobile or Wi-Fi range.
  • Helps the community, team up with growers, agronomists, local biosecurity groups and DAFWA.
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