Animal welfare in a natural disaster

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A natural disaster such as a fire, flood, hypothermia (cold stress) event, truck rollover or other incident may result in compromised animal welfare. In a state or regional emergency, DAFWA will provide assistance at the request of the Government agency responsible for managing the disaster.

The services of a private veterinary practitioner should be sought for assistance with advice or treatment of sick or injured companion animals (such as pets and horses).

The Department of Parks and Wildlife has responsibility for sick or injured wildlife, call +61 (0)8 9474 9055.

Local government authorities have responsibility for straying stock and carcass disposal on public land.

If animals present a traffic hazard or a risk to the public call the WA police service on
131 444.

Contact information

Animal Welfare General Enquiries

Further information on reporting animal cruelty is available.


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