Animal Welfare Act 2002

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Offences and penalties

A person who is convicted of cruelty under the Act can be fined a minimum of $2000 up to a maximum of $50 000 and imprisoned for five years. Penalties for a body corporate (an incorporated business) can be five times the penalties for an individual.

A court convicting a person of an offence under the Act may, in addition to imposing a penalty, make any other orders against the offender that the court considers appropriate to protect the welfare, safety and health of an animal, a group of animals or animals in general. This includes being banned from buying, owning, contact with or caring for an animal for any period, including life.

A person who is convicted of an offence other than cruelty can be fined between $2000 and $20 000. Some of these offences carry terms of imprisonment of up to one year.

A person who continues to commit an offence can be penalised by up to $1000 per day that the offence continues.

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