Pathways to Competitiveness Report

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The Asian Century presents a clear opportunity for Western Australia’s agrifood sector. 

The Department of Agriculture and Food, WA (DAFWA) commissioned global consultancy Coriolis, to produce an independent, data-driven report called the Pathways to Competitiveness report. The report identifies opportunities, constraints and drivers for growth and investment of Western Australian agrifood businesses.

The Pathways to Competitiveness report is a key part of the Agricultural Sciences Research and Development Fund - a four year,  project with investment from Royalties for Regions to generate growth and productivity improvements for the Western Australian economy. 

This report will inform investment in the Industry Grants for International Competitiveness (IGIC) program.

Pathways to Competitiveness looks at key drivers, practices and mechanisms which characterise international competitiveness, and draws lessons from peer regions that have transformed relevant industry sectors over a relatively short time period. For example, dairy activity in New Mexico, pork industry growth in Chile, and agrifood growth in Peru, all highlight what is possible.

What questions does it answer

  • What is required to become globally competitive?
  • How did peer countries or industries transform their industries?
  • What is the Pathway to Competitiveness?
  • What is required for Western Australia to expand beyond a handful of key sectors?

The report describes a framework for international competitiveness under five headings: 

  1. available resources,
  2. world class production systems,
  3. efficient primary/wholesale processing,
  4. efficient value-added processing, and
  5. accessible markets.

Pathways to Competitiveness examines five Western Australian case studies in detail including, pork, dairy, potato, citrus and oats. These industries were assessed and benchmarked against peer regions achieving international competitiveness, and provide key insights and lessons towards achieving a pathway to competitiveness. Illustrations of these case studies provide examples to identify solutions and activities which businesses, industry bodies including grower groups, and governments can take to improve competitiveness.

The report is cross-sectoral, reaching along the value chain from farms through to key markets worldwide. It includes grains ,livestock, horticulture and irrigated agriculture, aquaculture, and food manufacturing. It also includes producers, processors, distributors, retailers, exporters, agribusiness service providers, marketers, investors and other supply chain participants.

Western Australia is a trusted, modern, safe business environment with the climate, resources and know-how to successfully grow agrifoods exports.

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