Export Competitiveness Grants- Successful Recipients

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Congratulations to the following applicants who have been selected to be awarded an Export Competitiveness Grant (ECG). The State Government will invest $1.18 million  to develop and secure new markets and improve export competitiveness for WA’s horticulture, grain, meat, seafood and natural resources sectors with an additional total private investment of $6.79 million from grantees.


Applicant Project Title Project Description Grant (ex co-contribution)
Agricultural Produce Commission (Pomewest)  Cold chain disinfestation protocol for market access. 

This work will develop a disinfestation methodology that will apply to existing and new varieties of apples Australia wide. West Australian apples cannot access quarantine restricted markets such as Japan and China due to lack of approved treatment for Mediterranean fruit fly. Existing cold storage disinfestation research is insufficient.  Development and acceptance of the disinfestation methodology opens the Japan and Chinese markets. The project proponent is Fruit West who are undertaking this work as part of the commercialisation of Bravo apple.

$72 800
Tosum Pty Ltd (Capogreco)

Installation of rapid cooling system

This project will install a state of the art rapid cooling system to rapidly draw out the heat from fruit and lower the pulp temperature. The more rapidly field heat is lowered, the longer the shelf life and higher the fruit quality.   The additional shelf life  will enable the use of ocean transport thus improving international competitiveness. 

$200 000

AGRIFresh Pty Ltd

Advanced robotic packing facility for citrus exports 

The project will purchase, install and commission robotic packing technology. This new technology will increase packing performance towards international scale and competitiveness, reduce unit cost, increase margins and profitability enabling contract growers to increase production.

AGRIFresh’s expanded capacity will increased citrus export volumes to Asian and Middle East markets.

$194 182

Patane Produce (WA) Pty Ltd

Optical (internal defect) onion grader

This project will purchase and commission an Optical Onion Grader (Internal defects grader). This new technology is able to grade red, brown, and white onions on size, colour, weight, external and internal defects. It will be used to assess onions prior to packing and export. In time installation of this equipment will build consumer confidence in the West Australian onion industry and improve our international competitiveness $200 000

Avena Mills

Gluten contamination free oats mill

The project will construct a flaking mill supplying contamination free oats to Australian and Asian food processors. Subsequently it will produce WA grown, processed, packaged and branded rolled oats domestically and to Asia.  Current supplies in WA are imported.

$178 500

The Trustee For V&V Unit Trust & Vernon Walsh Pty Ltd (VV Walsh)

New inverted dressing system and information flow

V&V Walsh is investing in a new, modern inverted dressing system for sheep to improve operating efficiencies, increase product quality and reduce risk of carcass and ultimately product contamination. The project funding will be used for new processing equipment and to support information flows up and down the supply chain. $125 000

888 Abalone Pty Ltd

Increase abalone juvenile production

This project will increase WA’s production to abalone juveniles per annum.  888 Abalone is WA's only abalone hatchery and farm.  Supply of abalone from eastern states hatcheries is prevented by quarantine. Extra capacity will enable 888 to open a ranching capacity and expand its current support for the state’s other two ranching businesses as well as provide opportunity for the Wild Capture Industry to undertake stock enhancement projects.  $100 000

Australian Sandalwood Network Inc

Add value to the Australian sandalwood industry through the certification of Sandalwood oil, introduction of ultrasound technology and new product development

This project will increase the value of Sandalwood oil through consistent high quality oil certified by internationally approved and third party accredited chemical analysis, improve production efficiency of emerging plantations through introduction of ultrasound technology, facilitate new products produced earlier in the tree’s life cycle (nuts) to improve the economics of the industry.  $113 000


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