Partnering for Customer Value: Case Study – Beerenberg Pty Ltd

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The Partnering for Customer Value initiative commissioned 11 case studies profiling 14 agribusinesses in the horticulture, livestock, dairy, grains, seafood and processed foods sectors, across small, medium and large enterprises from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United Kingdom. It found 'Patterns of Success' which other businesses are encouraged to apply. 

Beerenberg is a South Australian family-owned business, acclaimed for its premium jams, pickles, sauces, dressings and condiments. The Beerenberg Family Farm, retained by the family since 1839 is also a tourist attraction and retail store, growing ‘pick your own’ strawberries. The company is one of the best-known brands in the hotel industry in Asia-Pacific, supplying single portion packs..

Read the Beerenberg snapshot for quick details on the full-length case study. 

snapshot of berenberg

Patterns of success demonstrated by the case study include:

patterns of success

Benefits of reading the Beerenberg Case Study:

  • The elements of value that Beerenberg’s whole product delivers to customers.
  • An in-depth explanation of the customer development process.
  • Real-world examples of open innovation.